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January 8, 2009
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System Animator (v6.6.0.1) by ButzYung System Animator (v6.6.0.1) by ButzYung
Design your own animation for a system activity (CPU/network usage, drive activity, etc)! How about a cute Anime gal who dances according to the CPU usage? An animated flag which waves faster when your drive is busy? The famous Matrix digital rain effect with scroll speed corresponding to your network traffic? It's up to your imagination!


* PC activity monitor with focus on visuals, animated effects, and FUN!
* Supporting several fully customizable animation styles! An animation definition can be as simple as a folder with some image files inside!
* Optionally supporting the monitoring of "Sound output" to become a customizable music visualizer ("Spectrum Analyser" gadget (*) required)!
* Several animation demos included (Anime gals, animated flags, Matrix digital rain, etc)

(*) - The optional "Spectrum Analyser" gadget, as well as extra downloads and info regarding System Animator, can be found in my Sidebar Gadget Gallery [link]


YouTube: System Animator - Introduction

More video demos can be found here. [link]
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how do you get the hachune one?
Download Vocaloids animation pack from the "Extra Downloads => Normal Animations" section of System Animator homepage.
The drag and drop actions are not working as well. Any help will be appreciated! You can also contact me in
I love anime and this is the first tine I have come across such a gadget, so please help!
Make sure you are using the latest version of System Animator.

I use win 7 64-bit by the way!
Where can I get more vocaloids?
And I tried using some of the features in the demo but it's not working??
And I can't access some of the features as well, like moving SA window in 3d mode and I'm also getting various errors while running 'animate.js' scripts.
Any suggestions would be helpful.
Kandei-chan May 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
No joy on Win7 x64 multi-core... /:

First, the system specs aren't being monitored. No matter what I choose - CPU, audio, RAM, etc. - the bar remains flaccid gray, and choosing a different style for the bar seems to have no effect on its appearance.

Second, nothing animates, and almost nothing shows. When I first install the gadget, there's nothing above the bar. I downloaded some extra system animations and was able to get a static image out of "Vocaloid Miku - Mascot - 02_v2.SEQ-1-1" but no animation and no content from any other system animations, including the demos.

This is a pretty new computer with Win7 SP1, fresh new install, good specs. Any advice? Much appreciated!
Download and install the latest version of System Animator. This should fix the problem.
plzz give link GAdgets BASS you have
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